Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and their frequently given answers! Check out this page before sending me any questions please!

Q: What movie/series/anime is <insert a random post here> from?! She’s fucking hot and I want more!

A: Please check the tags! I do my best to tag as much as I can, and research as many of the images as possible before posting. If I know who a character or model is and what she is from I will tag it, even if I don’t know I usually will at least spend a few minutes doing image searches on it to try and find out! So if you find out some info I am missing don’t be afraid to send it in!


Q: Are you really a girl? Girls don’t run porn blogs.

A: Yes I am but that is pretty irrelevant! I’m not posting myself (I did ONCE without saying it was me so if you’re that desperate have fun fantasizing about it). I enjoy porn, and this blog is meant to share the different niches I enjoy most. Girls love porn just as much as guys, they just aren’t always as open about it outside of their closest friends, they often don’t enjoy the same type of porn as men, but that doesn’t mean girls don’t love watching some dirty shit and rub one out. We probably secretly do it more than you boys do!


Q: Can we contact you with submissions or questions?

A: Not anymore! Sadly this was abused like crazy with guys sending in dick pics or porn completely irrelevant to my target niches. I will maybe reconsider it in the future. There is ONE place I still accept submissions since it has a good track record, that is on the Grool tumblr:


Q: Do you make money with this blog?

A: Technically yes, I TRY to. I spend so much time curating content (at least 5 – 10 hours per week), plus the hosting costs, that I try to get at least a little something in return. So far it has not worked out though! I try to make the ads experience as unobtrusive as possible (rare for porn sites) and use mostly affiliates instead but nobody signs up or buys anything so in the past year I’ve made maybe 10$. I continue doing this because I really enjoy it.